Garden Clearance in Bromley

Does your garden need an overhaul? We have transformed many overgrown and tired gardens throughout Bromley. A garden clearance will remove the waste and allow you to get your space back and make the most of it. We can undertake any garden clearance work, from removing bulky waste to cutting grass and trimming back trees or bushes.

We’re experienced gardeners who are fully licensed to remove waste

We can undertake all garden clearance work to help you make the most of your outdoor space. Our services go beyond general waste disposal – if required, we can shape and landscape your garden once we’ve reclaimed the space for you.
Talk to us about your garden clearance project in Bromley – we will be happy to offer you personalised advice and support. 020 3633 5340 or email .

Garden clearance services from Lustre Gardens

We can offer you the following services as part of the garden clearance process:

  • Lawn cutting and grass clearance
  • Weed and bramble clearance
  • Tree and plant reshaping
  • Removal of fences, wood, sheds and tree stumps

If there’s anything else you need, just ask. We’ll always try to help as much as we can.

Waste removal

We are a Registered Waste Carrier, licensed by the Environment Agency. Our Managing Director Daniel Hagan is an upper tier licensed carrier, which means we can dispose of all waste removed from your garden responsibly. All green waste will be disposed of at a green trade waste site, where it will be recycled.

Waste removal is priced at £125 per trailer, which will contain approximately 6 bulk bags.

Pernicious weed removal

Pernicious weeds can become a problem if a garden is overgrown. They will take root and often, physical removal will not be enough. The most effective way to tackle pernicious weeds is through regular, targeted treatment at specific stages of their lifecycle.


We treat pernicious weeds like:

  • Horsetail
  • Ground elder
  • Bindweed

Most gardeners are not licensed to use the chemicals and pesticides required to tackle pernicious weeds. We hold a full license and will be able to establish the correct course of removal for you.

We can also clear brambles and other less invasive types of weed. We will assess your garden to determine what is required.

Garden clearance – regenerating your outdoor space

One of the most exciting parts of clearing your garden is deciding what to do with the space you will gain. We can help you landscape and reshape your garden, giving you back usable space that is completely tailored to you. Starting from scratch is exciting but can be intimidating – where do you start? How do you go about creating a new garden design? You can leave it all to us, or work with us to make the garden you have always dreamt of into a reality.

We can help you with planting, deciding on a new layout, and we can help you keep your garden in excellent condition with ongoing maintenance services as well. Find out more about our regular garden maintenance packages.

Garden maintenance

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How to make the most of your garden clearance service

  • Maximise gardener efficiency by making access as easy as possible. This could be making sure that entrances are not blocked, or ensuring side gates are not obstructed. Make sure there is parking available for vans and trailers on your driveway.
  • If you’re not able to do this yourself, we will be able to help clear the space – and remove the waste if needed!