Lawn care services

The Lustre Gardens team are experienced providers of lawn care services, making sure our customers’ lawns are healthy all year round. We can visit on a one-off basis to carry out maintenance, or schedule in regular appointments where we can keep your lawn in excellent condition.

Our flexible services can be tailored to you and your lawn. Whether you need year-round watering and weeding, or your lawn needs a boost after a long cold winter, we’ll be able to help.

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What can we do to improve the condition of your lawn?

We work with lawns of all sizes, from commercial grounds to small front gardens. All grass can benefit from a professional lawn care service.

We can offer:

  • Mowing to the correct length for the time of year
  • Removal of pernicious weeds
  • Seasonal application of herbicides
  • Scarifying to remove thatch and moss
  • Watering and keeping the soil moist
  • Repairing lawn patches and over seeding where required

Lawn care is seasonal – lawns need different treatment during different weather conditions. We can tailor a lawn treatment package to you if you would like to keep your lawn looking as good as possible all year round.

Lawn and garden care packages

We have a range of packages on offer to provide ongoing lawn maintenance. We will tailor each package to you by visiting your property and ensuring we fully understand your requirements. You can read about these packages on our pricing page.

Pricing and packages

Alternatively, we can provide one-off services for seasonal lawn care. We can pay a visit to your property, where we will ensure we fully understand what you need and make personalised recommendations.

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Top lawn maintenance tips

  • Water your lawn using a sprinkler system during the summer to prevent it drying out. This is best done in the early morning where possible – consider using a timer.
  • Do not cut your lawn to the same height all year. Spring height needs to be reduced slowly to summer height and then likewise adjusted back up through to the autumn. Often, people cut their lawn too low too early, and too late into the year.
  • If you are having a new lawn laid, choose the right turf for you. Choose hardwearing turf, shade resistant turf, or even artificial! We will be more than happy to advise.