Weeding and pruning

Lustre Gardens can take care of all the weeding and pruning that needs to be carried out in your garden. We’ll focus on problem areas or can treat the entire space, depending on how your garden is affected.

Our pruning services will keep all plants, bushes and shrubs in good shape, making them more manageable and keeping your garden neat and fresh.
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Pruning plants, shrubs and trees

We prune plants, trees and shrubs to maintain their shape and encourage healthy growth. With trees, it can also be a matter of health and safety, as we’ll remove dead branches to prevent the danger or them falling.

These are the main benefits associated with pruning:

  • Healthy growth
  • Stays the right size for the space
  • Maintains an attractive yet natural appearance
  • Encourages new plants to grow more densely

When we prune, we remove dead, diseased and damaged wood before pruning to shape. This helps to control the size of the plant or shrub, so that it doesn’t outgrow the space where it is planted and obstruct pathways.

Weeding and permanent weed removal

We can help you with general weeding, removing weeds from borders and lawns. This can be carried out on a one-off basis, or during a regular garden maintenance appointment.


We are also experts in removing pernicious weeds that could continue cause continuous problems. Director Daniel Hagan has a DEFRA-approved license to use pesticides, something that few independent gardeners have. This means we are fully licensed and insured to treat your pernicious weeds with industrial grade pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are far more effective than those available on the domestic market.


Weeding and pruning as part of your maintenance package

Many of our customers choose to take out a maintenance package with us. This gives us the opportunity to remove weeds and prune shrubs and bushes on a regular basis, keeping your garden in good condition. Find further information on the price of our gardening packages.


We can treat:


invasive perennial weeds that have deep roots and spread quickly, crowding out plants.

Ground elder

fast-growing, invasive weed that can spread quickly in flowerbeds and borders.


sometimes called hedge bindweed or bellbind, this flower has a large white trumpet and will choke other plants.

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Weeding and pruning tips from Lustre Gardens

  • Weeding and pruning are more specialist than you might think. They not only improve the appearance of your garden, they also help to encourage it to grow in the right way in future.
  • If you weed between regular maintenance visits, stick to ephemeral weeds such as dandelions. Pernicious weeds need to be treated at the right time, using professional grade products.
  • When pruning, plants may be cut down to a smaller size than is desired. Don’t panic – this helps them grow into the correct shape.