PPE Recommendations: Gloves


I am really safety conscious and having previously worked in an office I do not have thick, tough skin or “leather hands”.

When you are working quickly in different areas of the garden and carrying out specific planned tasks, consider wearing gloves appropriate to the task at hand (pun intended).

If you have an injury such as a cut, then you will want to keep the wound clean with a plaster and potentially a glove. If you need dexterity, then select a thinner glove. If you need protection, then select a more robust thicker glove.

Also, if you are a professional gardener, I would ensure you buy at least 2/3 pairs of gloves, 1 to wear, 1 to change to when the others are wet or soiled and even a third pair as a spare in case a pair are damaged.

Believe me when you get a handful of cat muck when reaching into a flower bed, 10 minutes into your first job of the day, you will be happy with a few spare pairs.

My Glove Recommendations:

Everyday dry – Showa 330 Reinforced glove – £5

These will last weeks to a month when used every day and can be washed multiple times, so great value for the price.

Everyday damp/wet – Showa 306 water repellent – £7

Breathable, but do not leave them in direct sunlight as they dry out and crack.

Wet jobs – Showa 600 water proof PVC gloves – £5

Fully waterproof for wet jobs, as with most fully waterproof gloves they can get a bit sweaty/smelly after a while, but again can be washed.

I can see that all my recommendations are from Showa. For clarity I can categorically state that Showa have not paid me or given me any freebies or other incentives, financial or otherwise to make these statements about their products.