March 28, 2018
Hi everyone, so today we will be covering Risk/Hazards in brief and in a later blog post, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Another blog will be available soon with a bit more detail and some helpful unbiased purchase suggestions. Complacency: We have all heard people say “I’m just going to go and…”  The word “just” implies...
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Welcome back to this very important subject matter. The garden is an area with hazards everywhere at all times.  But these hazards should not stop you from going out there, because your home has probably just as many. So that you can relax a little and work more safely in the garden you should undertake...
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I am really safety conscious and having previously worked in an office I do not have thick, tough skin or “leather hands”. When you are working quickly in different areas of the garden and carrying out specific planned tasks, consider wearing gloves appropriate to the task at hand (pun intended). If you have an injury...
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Hello. To discuss this subject fully, it will help us to first define it. So what is a lawn? The RHS has no easily obtainable definition of a lawn. The Oxford online dictionary, however, describes a lawn as, “An area of short, regularly mown grass in the garden of a house or park.” (Ref 1)...
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Reliability and security are essential when working with a gardening company. This is why the same gardener will visit you every time. We want your garden to be safe and secure – during the first visit, we always offer to fit a gate lock that can only be accessed by your regular gardener